Drop Dead Reds Online Workshop

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Drop Dead Reds: Take on the salons most challenging client.

In this online course, Colin Caruso (@colincaruso) will share two red hair coloring techniques combined with invaluable theory. You’ll develop your eye for predictable results, long-lasting tone, and formulate the perfect red every time!

Course Overview:

  • Red hair color theory
  • How to personalize tone and vibrancy
  • Never over-lift again
  • Master your redheadconsultation to build trust with any guest

Lesson 1: Natural Reds

  • The focus is on formulation and creating the perfect natural reds.
  • Make the distinction between tone and level and how it dramatically affectsyour result
  • Learn how head shape and texture guidesyour approach
  • Learn Colin’s three-tonetechnique to create a natural end result

Lesson 2: Vibrant Reds

  • Learn how to formulate intense red tones
  • Achievevibrant, consistentreds
  • Use warm and cool red tones together
  • How to choose the best developer for long-lastingred results
  • Learn how over-lifting can be your worst mistake


Follow along like a classic ‘look and learn’ or, better yet, with your own mannequin as a hands-on workshop.