Framar Ethereal Pop Up Foil – 5x11 – 500 Sheets


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Unicorns do exist!

Experience the world's best hair coloring foil in a magical unicorn inspired pattern! Framar’s embossed foil grips hair for the entire application and processing time without budging.

Each box contains 500 high quality embossed foil sheets. No cutting or folding required, all sheets are precut to 5” x 11” and feature a folded edge.

Foils can go directly from the box into hair without sticking or tearing while being pulled out.

Convenience never looked so good!


  • HIGH QUALITY – The world’s best hair coloring foil. These durable embossed foils don’t stick or tear when coming out of the box. No slip and the ultimate grip! They also don’t make much noise when being used like other cheaper foils do.
  • BEAUTIFUL COLOR – A fun Rainbow twist on your standard boring hair foils. These beautiful foils add more fun behind the chair, and improve the overall experience for your clients!
  • SAVES TIME – These pop ups slide out easily and come with a half-inch pre folded edge, allowing you to go from the box directly to the hair! Save your valuable time from cutting up larger foils.
  • MADE FOR THE HAIR COLORIST – Comes in 5x11 dimension, with no need to cut or rip your foils. These were made for you!
  • SPACIOUS – Easy to use at all stations, with minimal space required. Allows for optimum organization!