Ibiza Hair Brush RLX5 80mm Extra Large/ 80mm


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The RLX5 features a red extended cork handle with a concave barrel and swirled reinforced boar bristles. A concave wooden barrel contours to the head shape naturally and easily creates smooth shiny looks. GripSlip technology. Made in Spain.

Whats Makes IbizaBrushes so amazing?
The Brush: = CORK, WOOD, BOAR + LOVE.

CORK. cork handle brushes have an amazing ergonomic grip that makes blow outs more comforting to the stylist, so they can connect more with the hair and the client.

BOAR. Natural boar bristles distribute the oils in the hair naturally, giving an instant shine and vitality to the scalp and hair.

WOOD. Ibiza uses only certified eco friendly woods that are not endangered.

LOVE. The spirit of Max Johles and the dedication of his son Aaron bring an unending source of love to all who use Ibiza products