Dimensional Blonding Online Workshop


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Dimensional blonding taken to new heights.

In this workshop, you will learn three contemporary blonding techniques and dozens of important lessons that will help elevate your color game. The techniques can be combined to control dimension and create healthy customized end results.

You will learn:

  • How and when to “cleanse.”
  • How to use versatile seamless blonding for a beachy blonde look or as a pre-lightened canvas for creative work.
  • Quick and simple ways to achieve a shadow root.
  • Backcombing – to create a perfect blended dimension through the mid and ends.
  • How tipping can help you achieve the lightest blondes.
  • Formulating and applying the perfect toner/glaze.

Multiple variations of 3 looks shown!

Quick Cleanse
The quick cleanse is a fast and efficient way to lift out previous color from hair while leaving a perfect dimensional depth at the root! It can also be used for stunning effects on virgin hair.

Seamless Blonding
Learn “tipping” – an important form of backcombed color application. Tipping allows for seamless transitions in tone from root to end. Two variations will be taught to help you customize your seamless blonding from a whisper to a shout. This technique also incorporates foils.

Shadow Root
A meticulous application of color that produces an organic and highly customizable Shadow Root. By varying the depth of your application from section to section you can customized this highly on trend look.