Hair Color Magic Blending Brush

$6.99 $12.00

HCM Blending Brush

The synthetic bristled, angled brush smoothly transitions hair color and bleach in your free hand painting techniques.  

•After you apply your product at the top of the parting, before you address the mid lengths and ends, switch to the Blending Brush
•Working parallel to the hair, smudge the color product up ½” up.  The Smudge technique is when you use the fat part of the brush and pull the color product up.  This is a quick movement. Drop, Smudge, Lift
•Flip the Blending Brush to where the point is down and Blend the Smudge line up until you have a seamless finish
•Wipe the brush off to keep your next Smudge and Blend controlled.  The bristle will dry quickly after each wipe
This is the tool that will give your Freehand techniques the perfect transition.

Caring For Your Brush

While working on your Guest continually wipe your brush after each blend.

How to look after your paint brushes – 1. Never rest on the bristles

Remember how difficult your own hair becomes when you’ve worn a hat? The same rules apply.

How to look after your paint brushes – 2. Don't leave them in water

Wood swells, metals rust, glue degrades and bristles bend – no part is safe!

How to look after your paint brushes – 3. Clean them immediately in cold water

Even clean brushes during painting, if necessary. If product dries in the ferrule it will bend the bristles, making them difficult to reshape.

How to look after your paint brushes – 4. Wipe dry

Wipe dry and lay flat until completely dry.

How to look after your paint brushes – 5. Always reshape once clean

Reshape brush with your fingers and store in a dry location.

How to look after your paint brushes – 6. Never pull on the bristles

Even the best quality brushes can molt – and unlike head hair, it won’t grow back.