Hb Pro One: By BMAC

We started with love.

A love for haircutting and a love for the tools of our craft. We also love hairdressers and wanted to offer exceptional quality scissors at a fair price. We believe every hairdresser should be able to afford a quality scissor, made in Japan. With this in mind we are truly pleased to introduce our first scissor.

Gerard & Randy

The Hb Pro One is designed by us and manufactured by BMAC in Nigata Japan. We modeled it after many of our favorite scissors and spent over a year working on the prototype. Its ergonomic offset handle is comfortable and allows for great flexibilty.  No nonesense, just quality. Honed from years of experience and expertise, every pair or Bmac scissors are made with extreme attention to detail. The perfect balance. The strongest metals. The smoothest movement. The best performance of any professional scissor on the planet.



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