Scissor VS Razor, Tulsa OK

 Scissor VS. Razor

Tulsa, Oklahoma. August 19-20, 2018 10am-6pm both days
With DJ Muldoon and Gerard Scarpaci

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The Creative Studio 314 East 3rd ST, STE 102, Tulsa, OK 74120

Join two of our Crafts most accomplished and respected educators for an exclusive and intimate class. Spend two days immersed in the dynamics of cutting. Compare and contrast the effects of Scissor vs. Razor.

Through guided hands on workshops, working with each tool on lines, graduation and layers, you will gain a deeper understanding of the theory behind them and how they differ while strengthening your control and dexterity.


- 4 Scissor Cuts vs 4 Razor Cuts

- Scissor and Razor theory

- When to use one vs. the other

- Hand and body positioning

- Essential techniques and shapes

- How to combine tools 

- Class size limited to 10

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