Feather Detail Styling Razor

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Include 1 Short Handle Feather Styling Razor and 1 Blade
  • A shorter version of the legendary Feather Styling Razor to position the hand closer to the blade and give more controlled cutting strokes and great for smaller hands. 
  • Feather Detail Razor measures 6.5" the standard Feather Styling Razor measures 7.5"(blade size is same for both)
  • The balance and feel allows the razor to become an extension of your hand
  • Guarded blade protects you and your client
  • Hair does not clog between the guard and blade
  • Blades fit snug in the handle
  • Blades are removed and replaced with a no-touch blade system
  • Use any of the 3 Feather Styling Razor Blades to tailor your hair cutting needs
  • Made in Japan