HbPro DRY 6"


The HbPro DRY cutting scissor/shear is Made in Japan in small batches by 2nd Generation Master, Naoto Takahashi (Formerly of Hikari) Takahashi San is a widely acknowledged as one of Japans Top 5 Shear Masters for over 30 years

 The HbPro Dry is designed to gently push the hair and softly glide through when using slicing and channeling techniques.

This is due to the width and shape of the blades. The pushing action creates a soft edge while maintaining the health and integrity of the hair. You will even notice a softer edge when point cutting and working with scissor over comb.

The HbPro DRY scissor also has an ergonomic offset handle to allow for comfort and flexibility while cutting.


  • Handcrafted in Japan
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: 15-days from date of receipt
  • Material: ATS314 Stainless Cobalt Alloy
  • Handle: Ergonomic Offset
  • Blades: Wide body blades
  • Pivot: Screw, specially designed to optimally align the blades
  • Finger Rest: Single, fixed finger rest
  • Bumper: Screw in bumper