YS Park Shark Clips (2-Pack)


Strong yet gentle, Y.S. Park Shark Hair Clips are made to satisfy all needs. Specially engineered in the length of a finger and the shape of a head, the Y.S. Park Shark Hair Clips are durable with an incredibly strong and serrated "shark tooth" edge.

Sold in packs of two.


  • 2 Hair Clips Per Package (Same Color)
  • Extra Firm Grip
  • Super Strong Stainless Steel Spring
  • Made of Anodized Aluminum
  • Finger Length - 4.2 in.
  • Curved to the contour of the head
  • Grip Holes secure the hold and prevent your fingers from slipping
  • Strong yet gentle
  • Great, fun fashion colors available.
  • Look for YS Park's Goriki mark when making any purchase to ensure you are purchasing only genuine YS Park Shark Hair Clips.