Hairbrained Step-by-Step: The Facon

Hairbrained Step-by-Step: The Facon

Men’s haircuts can range from shaggy, to short and cropped. But if you’re going for a classic style, The Facon could be the perfect fit. Here, Julian Perlingiero, Master Educator, shares his step-by-step instructions for creating this fundamental Sassoon shape, with ease.

“This is a great shape,” says Perlingiero. In fact, he adds, it was one of the first cuts he studied when learning how to “build a square shape with a scissor over comb throughout the perimeter. It’s a core foundation cut.”

Step 1: The crown. To get started on your shape, begin in the crown area. Taking horizontal sections, implement a square cut.

Step 2: The sides. Next, take vertical sections in the front-side area, and cut a flat layer. Continue by taking parallel sections until you reach the natural curve of the head, using minimal over direction. Repeat this step on the opposite side.

Step 3: The back. Move to the back of the head, and in the center area, cut a flat layer. Continue to cut, implementing parallel sections as you work towards the ear; make sure to blend well into the side area. Repeat this step moving from the center towards the opposite ear.

Step 4: Cross check. Begin to cross check your work in the side areas. Taking horizontal sections, slightly graduate the hairline, creating soft layers. Complete this process on each side of the head.

Step 5: Blend. To give the cut a seamless, blended look, refine using a scissor over comb technique.

Step 6: Finishing touch. Complete the look by refining the hairline, which will give a natural finish.

Julian Perlingiero hosts Hairbrained’s Facebook Live: West Coast Sessions. He’s currently demonstrating ‘The Classic Cutting Foundations,’ as interpreted by his time spent teaching at Sassoon. To catch more episodes in this series, visit: 


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