Hairbrained Step-by-Step: The Facon

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Men’s haircuts can range from shaggy, to short and cropped. But if you’re going for a classic style, The Facon could be the perfect fit. Here, Julian Perlingiero, Master Educator, shares his step-by-step instructions for creating this fundamental Sassoon shape, with ease.

“This is a great shape,” says Perlingiero. In fact, he adds, it was one of the first cuts he studied when learning how to “build a square shape with a scissor over comb throughout the perimeter. It’s a core foundation cut.”

Step 1: The crown. To get started on your shape, begin in the crown area. Taking horizontal sections, implement a square cut.

Step 2: The sides. Next, take vertical sections in the front-side area, and cut a flat layer. Continue by taking parallel sections until you reach the natural curve of the head, using minimal over direction. Repeat this step on the opposite side.

Step 3: The back. Move to the back of the head, and in the center area, cut a flat layer. Continue to cut, implementing parallel sections as you work towards the ear; make sure to blend well into the side area. Repeat this step moving from the center towards the opposite ear.

Step 4: Cross check. Begin to cross check your work in the side areas. Taking horizontal sections, slightly graduate the hairline, creating soft layers. Complete this process on each side of the head.

Step 5: Blend. To give the cut a seamless, blended look, refine using a scissor over comb technique.

Step 6: Finishing touch. Complete the look by refining the hairline, which will give a natural finish.

Julian Perlingiero hosts Hairbrained’s Facebook Live: West Coast Sessions. He’s currently demonstrating ‘The Classic Cutting Foundations,’ as interpreted by his time spent teaching at Sassoon. To catch more episodes in this series, visit: 


Hairbrained Step-by-Step: The Shake

Posted on July 22, 2017 by gerard scarpaci



Warm-weather season is well under way – and as the barometer rises – loose, carefree styles are among the most requested. Shaggy – yet ultra-classic – ‘The Shake’ fits the bill, perfectly. Well suited to a variety of lengths and textures, this round-shaped style gives a nod to the seventies, without looking dated.

Julian Perlingiero, Master Educator and Hb Live Host, shares the fundamentals of this light, ultra-movable cut.

Step 1: Begin by dividing the hair at the natural parting on top.

Step 2: Next, implement a diagonal section that’s parallel to the front hairline.

Step 3: Working from the cheekbone down to the collarbone, cut a flattering, face framing angle.

Step 4:  Continue working in parallel sections back to the ear, and as you move through the sections, elevate each one a little bit higher.     

Step 5: Once you’ve reached the area behind the ear, move section by section towards the center of the head, cutting a curved line from the hairline to the crown of the head.

Step 6: Once you’ve reached the centerline (of the back of the head), repeat the same process on the second side.

Watch the complete series, Classic Cutting Foundations with Julian Perlingiero, at:  


Hairbrained Poll

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Hairbrained Quick-Tips: Movement, Breathe and Healthy Eating for Career Longevity

Posted on June 03, 2017 by gerard scarpaci

It’s indisputable: Hairdressing is both physically and mentally demanding. From repetitive motion injuries to discomfort in the back, neck and shoulders, studies indicate that pain from sustained stress, when left untreated, can result in a shortened career. But keeping your body in it’s peak, physical condition can help to ward off these ailments, plus can help the body to heal and repair itself, faster. In fact, practices such as yoga and Pilates can work to strengthen overworked muscles, while a gentle and consistent meditation practice can help your mind to relax and unwind after the stresses sustained while standing behind the chair.

Here, get our members quick-tips for relaxing, unwinding, and strengthening – plus learn about Hb’s tips for career-sustainability.

Tip 1: Move with purpose. Practices that integrate breathe with movement (such as yoga, Pilates, and martial arts) have become increasingly popular for their ability to have a positive impact on mental and physical wellbeing. According to Yoga Journal, a regular practice can help to relieve chronic pain caused by inflammation and arthritis, plus can sharpen mental clarity. “I practice yoga four times weekly,” says Adam Federico, Creative Director for Federico Advanced, “and this has helped to reduce chronic pain from standing behind the chair, plus has helped to increase my dexterity. I also find that I’m more able to ‘drop in’ with my clients, team, students – and most importantly – with my family.”   

“I’ve been in the industry for over 30 years,” says Traci Sakosits, North American Creative Director for Sassoon. “I practice Pilates, which helps to cleanse the mind and strengthen the body. I’ve been practicing it religiously for over two years now – and before that – I studied Wing Chun Kung Fu. Similar to Pilates, martial arts helped to give me focus in my life and in my career,” confirms Traci.

“In hairdressing and in educating,” she adds, “you need to be able to constantly give to others. Everyone needs to refill mentally, and maintain physical strength. It’s important for me to maintain a high level of mindfulness and energy for both the professional and personal sides to life.” 

Tip 2: Breathe. “Last year,” says Ricardo Dinis, Aveda Global Artistic Director for Haircutting, “I started something called Ho’Oponopono; it’s Hawaiian meditation. It’s based around four powerful phrases, which are: I love you, I’m sorry, forgive me and thank you. After I started practicing this, I just started smiling again.”

“I started brining this meditation into haircutting classes, because I noticed that my students were holding their breath – how can you cut hair if you’re not breathing? How are you going to remember any of what I’m teaching if you’re nervous and so scared? All of your fears come up in a class. So I do these meditations with my classes; it’s seven second breathing. I try to get people to pursue it after the class, but I make them aware that during their time with me, they need to breathe. I explain what happens when the brain doesn’t have oxygen, and how we react.”

“I find that unplugging allows you to plug in. The world is waking up, and meditation feels so right in hair. We’re constantly on the road to mastery. I don’t know if you can get there without having this aspect in your life. Whatever is blocking the mind will block the body from learning. It’s about being in a great state of mind. It’s a daily practice – and I’m a happier person for it.”

“It’s all about bringing a greater awareness into your life: notice the little things. Through meditation, I notice and see things through a new perspective, and this has helped me to stay grounded – plus become more precise in my craft,” finishes Ricardo.      

Tip 3: Eat nourishing foods. “As a hairdresser, eating nutritious food is very important to me,” says Katrina Beede, Salon Owner and Stylist at DVLPMNT, Eugene Oregon, “because in order to make it through long days at the salon – I have to be as healthy as I can be. Choosing clean foods over processed foods fuels me with the sustainable energy that I need to get through long days, plus keeps inflammation down, so I’m not experiencing pains in my body.”

For someone looking to embark on a wellness journey, Katrina’s tip is this: “I schedule out my week’s worth of food (just like I schedule my client’s). I set aside one to two hours per week to meal prep healthy, grab and go options; this way I’m always prepared, and ready to tackle long days in the salon,” she finishes.    

So whether you’re busy and overwhelmed, or short on energy and time, you can use Hb’s simple tips and tricks for de-stressing your body and mind. Engaging in small, yet mindful practices can have an enormous impact on your sense of wellbeing – and great effects to your overall health.


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Hairbrained and Sassoon Collaborate: Educators Course

Posted on May 21, 2017 by gerard scarpaci

The Hairbrained community is united by the widely accepted concept that education is the key to success – and over the last several years – we’ve seen the trend in education move towards the independent faction. “Independent education is amazingly popular right now,” says Traci Sakosits, North American Creative Director for Sassoon. “Internationally, things are being done independently.” Undoubtedly, this movement has created ample opportunity – but it’s also fostered a certain amount of unpredictability. To bridge the gap, Sassoon, in conjunction with Hairbrained, has created ‘The Educator Course,’ with Traci Sakosits (get your tickets, here). 


As a vetted educator herself, Traci wants to help fellow educators to understand the fine art of teaching. “Common language, simplicity in language, and understanding how people learn (both physically and emotionally),” says Traci; these skills are essential to being an effective educator. “I think that there are important lessons that educators need to learn – and the consumer needs to understand the quality of the education that they’re receiving.” For example, she adds, it’s important to know your audience, and to be flexible regarding their needs. “Be flexible enough to adjust your curriculum to suit you audiences expectations.”

Hairbrained members – the independent and education-minded among them – says Traci, are the target audience for this class. “This class was made specifically with Hairbrained in mind. It’s the perfect audience, because Hb is both a meeting place and a platform, which has helped to give everyone a voice (without having a brand behind you). That’s where creativity thrives, in an open forum.”

Traci is hoping to attract students who are semi-experienced educators, whether that experience is related to brand-affiliated, platform or independent education. She’ll capitalize off of this shared experience, allowing for roundtable discussions and an open-forum like experience. “Above all,” Traci promises, “we’ll have a good time with it. The goal is for people to walk away, and feel inspired to do more and be more.”


For the first time ever, Hb Pro will be offering the ‘Educator Course, plus the bi-annual Sassoon Master Class, which takes a look into the latest Sassoon Collection as a source of inspiration. “We are honored to be the first online retailer to present Sassoon classes – and we feel proud to offer this selection of courses to our online family,” says Gerard Scarpaci. Buy tickets, here

So, if you’re an educator and feel drawn to boosting your skillset, visit Hb Pro, today, and pick up tickets to this limited-availability course. The one of a kind experience is perfectly accessible, and will help to fill your ‘creative tank,’ making you the best possible educator that you can be.  “I feel really connected to teaching other educators,” finishes Traci. “We’ll be able to get together, share ideas – and come out better than we came in. And that’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it?”

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Scissor VS. Razor: A New Kind of Class from Hairbrained.

Posted on May 21, 2017 by gerard scarpaci

Scissor vs. Razor: Four haircuts – two distinctly different techniques – and a world of possibilities; that’s Hairbrained’s fresh perspective on modern education. Taught by Gerard Scarpaci, Hairbrained Co-Founder, and Julian Perlingiero, world-class educator, the ‘Scissor vs. Razor’ course allows students to comfortably explore the points of difference between two dynamic tools. (Atlanta date features Gerard and DJ Muldoon)

“The sectioning, the combing, the body positioning – it’s all very much the same,” says Gerard. “It’s about precision and accuracy. The difference is in the tool, and the way it removes the hair. The razor moving up and down, at varied strokes – it’s like sketching. What the scissor does is more like a blueprint; the lines are sharp. Though the shapes are similar, the approaches are different.”
The ‘Scissor vs. Razor’ course is not only fun and informative, but it can help to elevate your career. “It’s important to be diverse,” confirms Julian. “I think a lot of my tool selection is based not just on the results that I want, but on the texture that’s in front of me.” And though precision and fundamental shapes will always reign supreme, understanding that different tools yield different results is valuable. “I think that there’s tons of ways to do things, as long as you do it with knowledge and control,” confirms Gerard.

When you sign up for ‘Scissor vs. Razor,’ you can look forward to expert guidance as you work to create lines, layers and graduation in this two-day hands on course. Spaces are limited – so click here, and secure yours in Los Angeles (6/11-12), Atlanta (7/23-24) with DJ Muldoon, or Houston (8/28-29), now! 

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