How to Work Safely With A Straight Edged Razor.

How to Work Safely With A Straight Edged Razor.

Work Safely with a Straight Edge Razor

As a craft hairdresser, it's important to know that each tool in your bag can create a unique texture and aesthetic – and the razor is no exception. With the ability to turn out precise lines, yet versatile movement, artists that have mastered razor cutting can attest to the classic,yet on-trend looks produced by one. 

But knowing how to keep yourself and your clients safe isn't always intuitive. Keep reading to learn how you can get familiar with a razor – safely – using the 'lock and load' method.

Tip 1: Make sure you're working with a folding razor with no guard, to get maximum precision and control in regards to your cutting lines.

Tip 2: Take your pointer finger, and wrap it around the blade. This is called 'locking.'

Tip 3: Grip your comb between your middle finger, ring finger and thumb. This is called 'loading.' This technique will create distance between the blade and your client, leading to fewer missteps (such as inadvertently cutting a guests hair or skin).

Tip 4: Though this technique may feel awkward at first, you can build dexterity and master your tools by locking your blade and loading your comb, and spinning the comb in a circular motion, both clockwise and counterclockwise. This will help to train the muscles in your fingers.

Though becoming a great razor cutter can feel daunting, the 'lock and load' method can provide a great starting point for success. Following the simple tips and tricks included here, you'll be well on your way to taking control of this versatile tool - and creating new and exciting looks your clients will love. 


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