Leader SP 123 Medium/Fine


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Artistry meets technology.

The most advanced cutting combs on the market, computer designed by Leader, Japan's premier comb makers, known for manufacturing the  popular YS Park range of combs.

 Leader SP combs are fabricated from semi rigid and ultra durable Ultem Plastic, this will be a familiar feel for lovers of YS Park combs. Extreme attention is paid to the 3D quality of each tooth on these combs. The teeth literally taper in a way that will allow them to precisely penetrate sections while the striations on each tooth ensure even tension.

The 123  Wide/ Fine tooth cutting comb is 8.5" long and  has a square body. What truly sets it apart are the subtle striations on the spine and teeth, giving a better grip and hand feel and more consistent tension on the hair. Ideal for precision cutting when maximum control is needed.

If you are a lover of quality cutting combs the Leader SP 123 is a must have!


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