YS 280 Small Clipper Comb

A hybrid between a standard cutting comb and a clipper comb, the YS Park 280 is designed to give you a single tool that covers both scissor and clipper work.

It has a textured, ergonomic grip featuring a fun star pattern and there's a large hole in the handle to make it easy to hang up at the end of the day. Along the 280's spine are YS Park's signature sectioning holes, spaced 1 cm apart to make it simple to pick up even sections.

The 280's teeth are rigid to make it suitable for clipper-over-comb work and have a gradual pitch (meaning they're 2-mm thick at the edge and 4.5-mm thick at the spine) which means that they hold sections securely while you cut.

The YS Park 280 comes in 2 colours: Carbon (black) or White.   Aprox. 8" long by 1.5" wide



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