Yasaka 40 Tooth Thinning


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 Yasaka 40 Tooth Thinner is 6.0"

Yasaka 40 Tooth  Thinners are ideal to blend hair and remove weight without creating visible texture. Used by many to polish scissor over comb and for blending in longer areas with shorter ones.

Yasaka offers high quality Japanese shears at an affordable price. the secret is that the blade is made from high end cobalt steel while the handle is an inexpensive stainless steel. This allows Yasaka to keep the prices affordable while maintaining quality cutting performance, they have done this consistently for over 40 years and are known worldwide.

Perfect for beginners, seasoned professionals, and anyone in between. These shears are Lightweight and Ergonomic. The crisp, convex edges will retain sharpness and keep you working. These are great shears for High Volume Hair Stylists as well.


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