NBAA Foiling/Cutting Clip


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The  NBAA Foiling Clip is Lupe Voss's favorite clip to work with while foiling and working on short or delicate hair for Hair Color Magic 

Here's why...

The Star Clips are my “working clips”. These are lighter in weight compared to the Skinny clip. I use these when working and clipping hair onto a foil, the lighter weight will prevent the foils from being pulled from the scalp.

Because these are flat and do not have a tight grip like the skinny, when clipping onto foil or hair color, these do not create divots or move color off the hair.

"The Star Clip is small and mighty! If I need to move my foils out of the way while working, I reach for a Star Clip, they are very light and wont drag down the foils and they have a flat bill that will not disturb or move the color inside the foil.

"I also use them when sub sectioning short and fine hair"

 These light-weight small clips are also amazing sectioning clips for cutting, they stay out of the way if you are ding a lot of pre-sectioning or disconnection

 10 per box